Workshop levels

Initiation Baby nougat

You are a complete beginner, or have taken only a few classes/are just coming back after a long break. You will (re)discover West Coast Swing through a steady pace during 1h30 to allow you to register in Level 1 (Nougat mou) for this event.

Level I Nougat mou

You know West Coast Swing basics. You started taking classes last septembre or you attended the initiation intensive course “Baby nougat”. Apart from improving your basics, you would like to nail down the fundamentals to be able to dance with any partner.

Level II Nougat tendre

You have at least 2 years of WCS regular classes and social practice. You have already attended some workshops. You are comfortable with your basics and some variations. You already know about intermediate techniques such as Reverse, Rock’n Go, Invitations, and Preps. You would like to broaden your repertoire of variation and styling, and feel comfortable on the dance floor with your partner.

Level III Nougat dur

You have between 3 and 4 years of WCS regular classes and social practice. You attend intermediate or advanced classes in your school and never miss a chance to practice social dance in you area. You are already comfortable with the techniques above, but also Tandems and Telemarks. You know about Rolling Count, Stretch and Musicality. You are looking for more styling and more complex variations with a lot of technique in order to improve your dance, your connection, and your style.

Level IV Super nougat

This level is only for WSDC competitors with a minimum of 1 point in the Novice division. The workshops will be focused on competition for every division: what is expected and how to nail it. Limited to 20 couples.

Option Westie taxi

Competition is nice, but sharing our passion is even better. We offer our “Super nougat” dancers the opportunity to join the “Westie taxi” team to help new westies have fun on the dance floor. You commit to regularly invite beginners and you will wear a distinctive sign so they can invite you more easily. The purpose of this event is to show to our local community how fun a WCS event can be, show off our social spirit, and share the sparkle that makes us all come back to it… Limited to 5 leaders and 5 followers.