Our teachers

Marina Motronenko

Moscou - Russia

Marina started to dance at the age of 8. Since then, she has built up years of experience both in solo dance and couples dance on top of winning several titles in the All-star division. Known for her great technique and charismatic personality, Marina now shares her passion for West Coast Swing in Russia and abroad bringing her dance expertise to her students.

Philippe Amar

Avignon - France

Philippe, having grown up with dance, devoted himself originally to Boogie-Woogie and became a Junior Champion. He discovered West Coast Swing in 2016 and now performs in the All-star division. He travels all over the world to train, teach, and share his passion with energy and pedagogy.

Charlotte Mennetrey

Paris - France

After practicing several other dances, Charlotte fell in love with West Coast Swing in 2014. She is extremely well-rounded thanks to her background and the infinite liberties this dance offers. Performing today in the All-star division, she loves sharing her passion while travelling. Her successful workshops about competition, technique, and creativity have delighted many students of all levels.

Emilie Michel

Valence - France

Ballet dancer from the age of 4, with a Modern jazz and contemporary background, Emilie discovered couples dancing at the age of 20 and has never stopped, especially once she discovered West Coast Swing. Through her passionate teaching style, she is very concerned about technique and sharing her experience with grace and generosity.

Olivier Terisse

Valence - France

Olivier was born into a family dancing school which has shared its passion for dance for more than 100 years. A professional dancer for over 35 years, a successful competitor in Swing, Standard, and Latin dances, and a multidisciplinary teacher, Olivier has always had the intention to broaden his expertise and try new trends. His technique, sympathy and reputation are much appreciated by all. As a confirmation of his particular taste for Swing dances, he has been teaching West Coast Swing for more than 10 years in his school, whether in France or on the other side of the world !

Arantxa Lebon

reunion island - france

A classical pianist for more than 10 years, Arantxa began looking for another way to express the passion for music she had had since childhood. Beginning with Urban dance at the age of 20, she continued on with couples dance (Rock, Salsa), and rapidly, West Coast Swing became a crush. The freedom in this dance, both rich and complex, outshines all she had experienced before and always continues to amaze her. She succeeds in competition thanks to her musicality and sense of timing. Learning and sharing has always been a source of personal fulfillment, so Arantxa is excited about sharing her passion of West Coast Swing through teaching. Arantxa is also part of the organization team of this event.

Alexandre Roy

Toulon - France

Musician before becoming a dancer, Alex’s passion for rhythm, drums, and swing music led him to try Rock and Lindy hop in the south of France 5 years ago. A few months later after being introduced to West Coast Swing, it quickly became his dance of choice. His musicality and creativity equal his eagerness of sharing and knowledge. He travels around the world to discover the international community and push out his boundaries thanks to competition, now performing in the Advanced division. Alexandre is also part of the organization team of this event.

Marlene Ouazana

Jerusalem - Israel

Marlène started dancing Classic ballet at the age of 6 and then continued with Modern’Jazz and Contemporary. During this time, she had also been practicing Judo, a movement-oriented sport that teaches body and balance consciousness. Throughout her studies at Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, she discovered couples dancing. After some additional training, Marlène quickly started teaching Latin and Ballroom dances. Two years later, West Coast Swing entered her life and became a true passion. She began teaching in 2015 and truly enjoys sharing her love of the dance.

Luka Pernot

Montelimar - France

Main organizer of this event, Luka is a true ball of positive energy. He had an instant crush on this dance and has never stopped immersing himself in the craft. Becoming a West Coast Swing teacher in Montelimar since 2017, he travels around France and abroad to train and share his passions with the world.