Sanitary Rules

Our philosophy

Our goal is to make sure everybody has a nice time at West In Nougat, therefore we want to make sure every participant and staff member apply the guidelines made by the organizers. 

We will of course comply to the latest decree made by the government. 

Sanitary Logistics

According to the latest decree, we will comply to some social distancing rules within the passage areas and organize one-way circulations. 

A temperature control will be held upon your arrival at the event. 

Hand sanitization will be done for everybody entering or leaving workshop rooms. Hydroalcoholic  gel dispensers will be available throughout the event. 

Colorful stickers 

At your arrival, you will find a colored stickers system that make you able to display your sensibility to the sanitary situation. We strongly advise you to wear them so that you can show other people your preferences. Everyone will be respectful towards other people’s choices. You will find the color code below. 

Orange Sticker

I only dance with people wearing a mask. I would prefer inviting people rather than being invited.

Green Sticker

I can be invited by anyone, wearing a mask or not.

Yellow sticker

I can be invited by anyone wearing a mask

Pink Sticker

Dances, and more if you want 😉