Our partners

Tumbao Pix

Photograph - France

Well-known among both Swing & Latino communities, Eric Tumbao Pix is a tremendously talented photographer who is able to capture any moment for beautiful memories. Originally from Paris and based in the European capital Strasbourg, he travels throughout France and abroad 40 weekends a year for photo coverage of several events (dance, weddings, …) and professional portfolios.

DJ Lulu

nice - france

Former international dancer of Acrobatic Rock’n’roll, Lulu discovered West Coast Swing in 2008. He works as a DJ on several events throughout France and Europe. In 2014, he organized Westie Riviera, a social event featuring international dancers. He has been teaching West Coast Swing and Rock’n’Roll in the South of France for the past few years. He truly enjoys sharing and transmitting his passion for music and dance.

DJ Storm

marseille - France

Anna-Lys has been passionate about all kinds of music since she was a child. She fell in love with WCS when she started in 2014. This dance quickly turned into a main passion, allowing her to combine her love for music with dance and travel. She has worked as a DJ in WCS parties since 2016.


montreal - canada

There was never a time when Marie wasn’t dancing, from solo dancing to ice skating, and then fell in love with the magic of WCS in 2015 to which she has never let go. Since childhood, she trained her musical ear by taking piano and musical theory classes. For her, music is an essential point when it comes to dancing. After spending more than a year in Canada, she became a DJ for Montreal community in 2018.



Need to relax between two dances or just want a well-being break? Jennifer will offer massages throughout the weekend completely adapted to your needs. You will be able to book half-hour or one-hour sessions directly on the planning portion of the website, or at the reception desk. You can contact her in case you need more information or for specific requests.


Shoe retailer

Julie Salanon will be selling Sway’D women’s and men’s dancing shoes throughout the weekend. This brand is a must-have in WCS for style and comfort. A variety of models are available, so do not hesitate to preorder your shoe size so that you are sure to get your own pair of shoes during the event.

Melodie Hennequin


Description to come…